(EN) Orchard – Elinor Lewis & Nuria Legarda

A zen garden of tall carton cylinders – tens of them, and shoulder-high – are placed vertically and symmetrically across a vestibule of the MAC VAL museum in Vitry. Impressive in their fragile balance, they have a soothing impact on the gathered spectators, while a distant rumour of voices from other gallery spaces enhances the quietness in this particular here and now. The same quietness is embodied by the performers, Elinor Lewis and Nuria Legarda Andueza. Any hunger for narrative is hushed by their insipid brown jumpsuits topped with black wigs and neutral facial expression. They gently simmer their way through the carton reeds, only to gradually quicken their pace, tracing a rustle in the absent leaves until, inevitably… a cylinder falls! And shortly thereafter another, and then some more.

A minimalist installation, Orchard makes depth visible and eases those who are willing into a state of equally deep reflection about speed, the frailty of our choices and the unforeseen implications of their consequences.



Jordi Ribot Thunnissen – Reviewed for Springback Academy during Aerowaves’ SpringForward 2019 in Val du Marne.(FR)

picture: Ludovic Descognets