Dance Pedagogy – Lectures

This is an impression of me being me.    

One of the things I like doing the most is talking about dance. With whomever. 

So you will get why I am VERY HAPPY with my current job as teacher in Dance History at ArteZ University of the Arts (since 2019)

Besides my role as a teacher, I introduce performances, give lectures and organize other side-activities for audience engagement in collaboration with venues and dance-festivals across Europe. My experience in public speaking is solid. 

I believe parallel activities to dance performances can be of great value to any kind of audience. It all depends on the format.

What are we aiming for? To inform, trigger, give context? Or is it rather just a question of opening up a space – to reflect or to give attention to the reverberation a performance has left in our bodies? To allow the experience to land. A conventional introduction to a performance or a simple Q&A with the artist have value, but sometimes will not do the trick. 

Always going beyond explaining “what a piece it is about”, I love to collaborate with institutions in finding creative, often holistic ways to encourage audiences towards ownership of their experience.

Among others, I have collaborated with: Julidans FestivalAerowaves EuropeEl Mercat de les FlorsExplicaDansaSismògraf OlotChoreolab EuropeInternational Theatre Amsterdam.

If you want to know more or think we can collaborate in any way, get in touch!

(Credits for the video: The talented filmmaker Alvaro Congosto)

TIP: In the video I talk both in English and in my half-proficient Dutch (which is still cute). Activate the subtitles! Available in EN/NL/CAT/ES through the settings button on Youtube.