Narcís (I wandered lonely)

“Who can love something other than himself?”

Paul Valéry’s Narcissus is trapped by his reflection, he sees it as something unattainable.

In the mirror, he is faced with the impossibility of being ONE, whole. There’s always a hidden corner that does not belong to us, and in the search of our whole-ness we run the risk of losing sight.

“Would you be: Narcís? Or you? Come… come and love thyself on the chest of your equal… “.

In Narcís (I wandered lonely) we propose a journey to the other side of the mirror, under the sheets of our childish imagination: where the past versions of our beings live, those who were pure but weren’t aware of it, those who won’t return.

Swimming through Valery´s poems and looking for their own myth in their reflection ( or in the reflection of the other), these youthful and whimsical ghosts will lead the way into this labyrinth with no way out.

“He who speaks within you knows as little as you do”.


Concept and choregraphy: Jordi Ribot Thunnissen

Made in collaboration with the performers: Pedro Galiza, Elena Lalucat, Blanca Pascual, Albert Ruiz, Ana Sanahuja, Giselle Stanzione, Adrià Vinyas

Assistant: Anna Rosell

Light, Costumes, Scenery: Marc Udina

Graphic Design: Irena Visa

Pictures by: Xavier Trilla

Video: Anganyadeu