Entre viatges i flors

In Entre viatges i flors (In between travels and flowers) dance is used to stage the absurdistic short stories gathered in Mercè Rodoreda’s book “Viatges i Flors”.

The images the texts evoke read like a stream of water, now calm – carefully constructing a landscape – now fast and direct – establishing an image as strong as it is fleeting.

This work looks for connections between these images and the inherent ambiguity of dance. The intent was to create a particular poetic frame, between literality and abstraction, allowing for the texts to appear in all their beauty and musicality, while respecting their melancholic tone, stained with sadness by the absurdity of war.

Premiered December 6th 2018 at El Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

Entre Viatges i Flors

CHOREOGRAPHY, DRAMATURGY: Natàlia Vignatti and Jordi Ribot Thunnissen in collaboration with the performers.

PERFORMERS: Marina Fullana, Laura Lliteras, Joel Mesa, Laura Pujolàs and Carlos Roncero

SET, COSTUMES: Marc Udina and Raquel Ibort

LIGHT DESIGN: Lluís Robirola


Pictures: Anna Fàbrega