Collaboration as a Dramaturg.

‘Creature’ , by Vanessa Cook, was first shown in Bern in 2016.

‘Creature’ is an aerial show that weaves together aerial work, dance and text to create seemingly impossible images. It is a visually stunning show; sometimes dreamlike and sometimes conceptually dark. It is about human interaction; different perspectives, pack behaviour, survival of the fittest, the search for intimacy, the delicate interplay between lovers that can imperceptibly shift into abuse, the longing for and loss of love, the attempt to find love again… and human resilience.

I assisted the choreographer in selecting and writing the texts for the piece; gave advise from a dramaturgical and choreographic point of view to establish the structure of the piece, and helped the performers with the delivery of text on stage.

Sample of text that made it to “the final cut”:

“This I want to be said in a whisper.

I have the feeling I breath the same air. Every day.
The loaded air of the morning in the darkness of my room
The air that wriggles through the cracks of my front door.
The bad smell of the neighbor passing by, and that of the man in a suit with a coffee to go, the one I see every day at the same time at the same place.

All air the same. The same taste. The same density.

This I want to be said in a whisper. Szeptem. I eat and walk and dream on the same air. No taste awakes my senses. Nothing grows here. How could it? The air is wasted, coming from nowhere, going nowhere.

No spring daffodils here.”

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Choreography: Vanessa Cook
Text and Dramaturgy: Jordi Ribot Thunnissen
Outside Eye: Nina Stadler
Musical Composition and Sound design: Moritz Alfons
Lightdesign: Mirjam Berger

Dansers: Ariel Cohen, Oriol Domènech Escursell, Michal Czyz, Tobias Spori, Alessandra Ruggeri

Rigger: Emilio Diaz Abregu
Producer: Ann Katrin Cooper

Pictures: Pierre Lippuner



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July 27, 2016

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Posted on

July 27, 2016