Picture: Sjoerd Derine

About Dance, fireflies and the end of the world (as we know it)

Combining the ideas of several authors around Modernity, the role of Art in neoliberal western societies, and Dance as a useless dynamic image – and as a potential trigger for imagination – this lecture-performance aspires to propose a both intellectually engaging and visually stimulating experience.

The main line of thought we want to propose can be summarized as follows:

  • We (western, modern world) are in crisis. To prevent it from becoming yet another cyclical crisis of Modernity, we need to reinvent ourselves.
  • In order to do that, we need imagination.
  • To imagine is, in essence, an unproductive activity. Useless. A jump in the void.
  • The useless, in our present times, the excess, is thus essential to our survival.
  • Dance is an utterly useless phenomenon: All that sweat… for what? No product comes from it. Not really.
  • (Looking at) Dance can empower us to tweak our gaze. And to trust it. In its elusive openness, dance invites us to connect on another level.
  • Therefore, Dance can change the world. This piece can change the world.

Pictures: Sjoerd Derine

Inspirational quotes:

“In the present context, only the excess – that what is not used in terms of productivity – can be associated with the full vigour of human life. (Georges

“Even if it only for a moment, in connecting with that which is entirely, utterly free of purpose, we can find a moment of relief and offer some form of resistance to the totalitarian machine of power”. (Georges Didi-Huberman)

“The child is not born for society, even if society will end up owning him. It is born to be born. The work of art is also born to be born; it imposes
itself to the author, asks to exist without regard to or without asking whether or not society needs it”. (Eugène Ionesco)

“In the folds of the activities considered superfluous, in effect, we can perceive the stimulus to think a better world.” (Nuccio Ordine)

“Who do we actually think we are? The self-evident statements of belief that have lasted for so long won’t do the trick anymore. We have come to a
stage where we, as it were, almost have to re-invent ourselves”. (Matthijs Schouten)

 “Yes to imagination. Yes to spectacle. No answers here. See us dance. Let there be darkness and fireflies to give us a signal in the night”. (Sandra Kramerova, Anastasia Kostner and Jordi Ribot Thunnissen)