Dance Lecturer

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As a professional dance lecturer and researcher, I collaborate with theatres, festivals and choreographic platforms across Europe. I can talk about dance in English, Dutch, Catalan and Spanish.

I think parallel activities to dance performances can be of great value to any kind of audience.

During a brief 15-to-30-minutes lecture I can invite the less experienced eyes to trust their own perception; while offering context and new insights to more accustomed spectators.

Instead of explaining “what it is about”, I encourage the audience to take responsibility when looking for an answer to that question. Rather than summing up cold data, I provide information about the ways of working of a given choreography, about the tradition a piece can be placed into, or I propose loose links between what’s on stage and the world it happens into. 

My professional interest in this particular field is great and my experience in public speaking is solid. Together with Aerowaves Europe and the B-Motion festival in Bassano del Grappa, for example, in august 2019 I will coordinate over 20 different after-peformance-experiments, gathered under the name Exploratiorium.

If you want to know more or think we can collaborate in any way, get in touch!