Jordi Ribot Thunnissen

Dance related writings, opinions, projects and so on

Picture by Sjoerd Derine

I am Jordi Ribot Thunnissen. I see myself as an Agent for the Divulgation of Dance: While still active as a choreographer and dramaturge for dance I love to promote the act of thinking and talking on/about dance as well.

I write articles and reviews on dance pieces for several dance theatres and festivals; I give lectures about specific dance pieces or generic topics related to the poetics of movement; and design/am part of activities aiming to foster and bring dance closer to (new) audiences.

I am half Dutch, half Catalan. My professional activities are also divided mainly between Barcelona and Amsterdam, where my home base is. Currently working on my PhD research “Hans van Manen: study of an erotic approach to the poetics of neoclassical dance” at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

In El Balandre you will find:

  • Information about the performance projects I am a part of in one way or another.
  • Information about the lectures on dance-theory I give for professional platforms, dance events and/or festivals like Choreolab Europe.
  • The articles and essays on dance I publish for different media, like the blog of the Catalan Dance-Theatre El Mercat de les Flors.
  • Reviews about dance pieces taking place in my base-city, Amsterdam.
  • Reflections on the process of writing my PhD Thesis: “Hans van Manen: Study of an erotic approach to the poetics of neoclassical dance”.

(Even if most of the Articles will be written in Catalan, some will be written in English or Dutch as well: Look for them writing “English” or “Dutch” in the search box).




Jordi Ribot Thunnissen: [(Zandvoort, Països Baixos, 1983). Amalgama de neerlandès i català.] m ART Periodista i Coreògraf. Ballarí i Actor. Divulgador de la dansa: Pensador, Escriptor i Professor de Teoria de la Dansa. Col·labora com a articulista, professor eventual o conferenciant amb L’Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, El Mercat de les Flors, BdDansa, Dansart i Choreolab Europe, entre altres.  Actualment en procés d’escriptura d’una tesis doctoral sobre la poètica del coreògraf neerlandès Hans van Manen, amb el títol: “Hans van Manen: Estudi d’una aproximació eròtica a la poètica de la dansa neoclàssica” (UAB)

Balandre: (possible amalgama del neerlandès bijlander ’embarcació plana de transport’, a través del francès bélandre, i del turc palandra ’embarcació per al transport de tropes’] f MAR Veler d’un sol pal i veles de ganivet, amb coberta, que hom emprà antigament tant per al transport de cabotatge com per a la pesca.